No Deals at the Pearly Gates




No Deals at the Pearl Gates is a stirring memoir that captures the highly unlikely ascent by the author to the upper rungs of the business world.  ​​This offbeat narrative is textured by heart-tugging tales melded into a rollercoaster of personal growth and professional accomplishments. 

 In opposition to the American notion that after college, we land perfectly into our dream careers, No Deals at the Pearly Gates makes the case that life is both more random and complex than any neat formula. Whether working as an Irish-Catholic kishka cook in a Jewish deli, selling beer from an ice-cream truck or nannying a college president’s children, and despite personal flaws, the author was always game for life experience and guidance that has led, circuitously and in defiance of career manuals, to a whole and productive life. 

While the journey is not without its serious trials and self-inflicted wounds, the stories show both the challenges of succeeding in business and lessons learned from generous guides along the way, that readers may find helpful in their own careers. The stories show both the benevolence and soul scorching aspects of the business world in way that are heartwarming and funny.

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