Confessions of a Lucky Bastard




Confessions is an unconventional memoir that tells the story of an improbable life through a series of essays that push the boundaries of style. ​​This offbeat and candid narrative is textured by humor, heart-tugging tales, and a rollercoaster of second chances, third and fourth chances, finally leading to an unlikely place of peace. While this journey includes drug busts, overcoming the depths of alcohol and drug abuse and host of you-can’t-make-this-stuff-up twists and turns,  it’s ultimately funny, unpredictable, authentic, and early readers say, a moving and rewarding book to read. 

 Rooted in a particular time and place — a mid-20th century big-family Catholic boyhood  this offbeat narrative is textured by coming-of-age tales rooted in the suburbs of Detroit and extending as far as Sarajevo, Guadalajara, Capitol Hill, including cross-country hitchhiking. 

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