Getting There and Short Story Collection

Confessions of a Lucky bastard


Confessions is an unconventional memoir that tells the story of an improbable life through a series of essays that push the boundaries of style. ​​This offbeat and candid narrative is textured by humor, heart-tugging tales, and a rollercoaster of second chances, third and fourth chances, finally leading to an unlikely place of peace. While this journey includes drug busts, overcoming the depths of alcohol and drug abuse and host of you-can’t-make-this-stuff-up twists and turns,  it’s ultimately funny, unpredictable, authentic, and early readers say, a moving and rewarding book to read. 

Rooted in a particular time and place — a mid-20th century big-family Catholic boyhood – this offbeat narrative is textured by coming-of-age tales rooted in the suburbs of Detroit and extending as far as Sarajevo, Guadalajara, Capitol Hill, including cross-country hitchhiking.

  • Confessions of a Lucky Bastard


No Deals at the Pearly Gates


No Deals at the Pearl Gates is a stirring memoir that captures the highly unlikely ascent by the author to the upper rungs of the business world.  ​​This offbeat narrative is textured by heart-tugging tales melded into a rollercoaster of personal growth and professional accomplishments. 

In opposition to the American notion that after college, we land perfectly into our dream careers, No Deals at the Pearly Gates makes the case that life is both more random and complex than any neat formula. Whether working as an Irish-Catholic kishka cook in a Jewish deli, selling beer from an ice-cream truck or nannying a college president’s children, and despite personal flaws, the author was always game for life experience and guidance that has led, circuitously and in defiance of career manuals, to a whole and productive life. 

While the journey is not without its serious trials and self-inflicted wounds, the stories show both the challenges of succeeding in business and lessons learned from generous guides along the way, that readers may find helpful in their own careers. The stories show both the benevolence and soul scorching aspects of the business world in way that are heartwarming and funny.

gerry tales


In this collection of personal essays, Gerry Boylan recounts a lifetime of adventures and misadventures. His stories are sweet, loopy, and hilarious, ranging from hitchhiking experiences gone awry to the birth of his first child (sans painkillers or doctors, but with pinochle-playing buddies and malted milkshakes). Whether he’s fleeing in terror from a marauding bat or causing a thousand-bicycle pileup in Beijing, he’ll have you laughing at his unique mixture of lunacy and heart.

  • Gerry Tales: How I Lived Happily Ever After, Despite Stabbing Myself in the Back, Scalding My Cojones, and Really Pissing Off My Wife During Childbirth


What people are saying

Telling stories as a way of entertaining, relating and teaching, is an art-form that predates the written word, and is as relevant today as when the first tale escaped the lip of some ancient narrator. Gerry Boylan has been given the gift of not only composing, but also relating a story masterfully.
Gerry Tales is a funny, thoughtful, and sometimes touching peruse, that holds our interest and keeps us entertained from beginning to end. It captures the joys, zaniness, trials and tenderness of life, and presents the importance of humor through it all.
I highly recommend this book. Keep the tissues at hand, because you will laugh until you cry, a time or two!

Amazon Review, Matthews

getting there


In 1973, after a shocking event turned his life upside down, Luke spent his youth hitchhiking along I-75 between Florida and Michigan, meeting an extraordinary cast of characters, surviving the dangers and tragedies of the road, and falling in love.

Fast-forward thirty years: Luke now struggles to reconcile the boy he was with the middle-aged father he’s become. And he wonders whether it’s wise to trust the young hitchhiker he’s picked up on his latest road trip.

What people are saying

GETTING THERE by Gerry Boylan showcases two journeys that take place years apart, but each one takes those traveling through it into uncertain situations. For the main character Luke Moore, he is confronted with the fact that you can’t outrun your problems and the things from your past: you have to deal with them and move on, using the experiences to make your life better. As he prepares to take his daughter off to begin a new chapter in her life, Luke is reminded of his own travels—both literal and figurative—that have gotten him to where he is today.

It is only by reflecting on the lessons learned and applying them that he is able to look at the future and his own past actions with real perspective.

Kudos to the author for taking us to a place that all of us are familiar with while reminding us that sometimes the hardest part is not getting there but what you do at the end of the road.

Cyrus Webb

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  1. Can’t wait to read the newest Gerry creations! Wishing one of my favorite peeps all the best with these additions to my library!

  2. Yay, GB! I’m so glad you wrote this all down and I’m glad I had a small role to play in the journey.

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