Showdown At Firefly Island

Showdown at firefly island


Can a shy whiz kid, her friends, and some magical performers team up to save their island amusement park for all who love it? Will perseverance and teamwork save the day when all looks lost?

Firefly Island is a place where dreams hang like apples waiting to be picked. It’s a wonderful place to live for a loveable cast of characters including: 12-year-old Bernie Scala, the National family, their laughing dog Cookie, park owners Frances and Dakota, Gentle Giant, Robot Guy, Frida and Felipe Firefly. But a long simmering feud between Frances and his twin brother Fast Freddie has erupted, and Frankie’s gang, the Slumgullions Squad has secretly invaded the island. They’re determined to destroy the amusement park and everything Francis and Dakota have built. With gang members like Stinky O’Fartser, Snake Lake, Nervous Norvus the Narwhal and Curley Chameleon running amok on the Island, all looks lost.

The story shows how family and friends join together against all odds, to try and reclaim the island they love. There’s adventure, fantastical characters, evil no-goodniks and plenty of a laughter in this rollicking tale. Come join us for and an adventure!

  • Showdown At Firefly Island


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